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Consultants for the clarity

Three Advantages of Third-Party Consultants

Honesty Honesty is a valuable virtue in social settings. It is just as important for business success. Building realistic expectations, prioritizing what matters, mitigating risks, navigating topics you’re not an expert in is a lot to lift for a business owner. Not only because you can’t know everything, but also

fit for purpose

Tech-Stack for Small and Medium Businesses – The Basics

What is Tech-Stack? Tech-stack is all the digital ‘arsenal’ a company possesses. This is a widely accepted term, however, if you want to go deeper and understand what tech-stack actually is or at the very least should be, we suggest another definition. We define tech-stack as a pack of business

Helping Marketing Understand the Power of CRM

This isn’t about the system; this is about the common language. I am a career-long marketeer, and my husband is in the CRM space. We’ve had a few coffee conversations about CRM, and it was funny how things obvious to him were not to me. Therefore, I decided to summarize