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Tech-Stack for Small and Medium Businesses – The Basics

What is Tech-Stack? Tech-stack is all the digital ‘arsenal’ a company possesses. This is a widely accepted term, however, if you want to go deeper and understand what tech-stack actually is or at the very least should be, we suggest another definition. We define tech-stack

Zoho One

Technology problem-solving for small and medium businesses

The entrepreneurial world is the one with high uncertainties, surprises, and challenges. 2020 has just been that case, forcing business owners flip the ways their businesses operate, and transition to remote working, selling and servicing! The overwhelming majority of these issues, and problems have been

where zoho servers are located

Where Zoho Stores Our Data

When a company needs to make a decision on which SaaS/Cloud application to use for CRM, Document storage, Email service or any other business need, one of the important and critical questions is where your business data will be stored and how this data will