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technology helps business

How Technology Helps Business Growth

As technology evolves, business trends and customer expectations also change. For example, over 3.6 billion people were using smartphones as of 2020, with a projection of 4.3 billion by 2023[1]. This changes how consumers communicate with the brands, buy, expect to get service or have

Consultants for the clarity

Three Advantages of Third-Party Consultants

Honesty Honesty is a valuable virtue in social settings. It is just as important for business success. Building realistic expectations, prioritizing what matters, mitigating risks, navigating topics you’re not an expert in is a lot to lift for a business owner. Not only because you

Programmatic marketing 101

What is programmatic and should you use it?

If there is one thing that you learn from dipping your toes in the entrepreneurial world, it is the fact that “advertisement is king”. This is a simple concept – if no one knows about your products, no one’s going to buy it. The way

fit for purpose

Tech-Stack for Small and Medium Businesses – The Basics

What is Tech-Stack? Tech-stack is all the digital ‘arsenal’ a company possesses. This is a widely accepted term, however, if you want to go deeper and understand what tech-stack actually is or at the very least should be, we suggest another definition. We define tech-stack

Helping Marketing Understand the Power of CRM

This isn’t about the system; this is about the common language. I am a career-long marketeer, and my husband is in the CRM space. We’ve had a few coffee conversations about CRM, and it was funny how things obvious to him were not to me.