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CRM Dashboards and CRM Alerts

Alerts vs. Dashboards in CRM

Customer relation management (activities) involve a lot of variables and data points that keep changing day after day. Without an automated tracking system, it can be challenging to track these changes manually, yet they are very crucial in assessing the effectiveness of your CRM endeavors.

Programmatic marketing 101

What is programmatic and should you use it?

If there is one thing that you learn from dipping your toes in the entrepreneurial world, it is the fact that “advertisement is king”. This is a simple concept – if no one knows about your products, no one’s going to buy it. The way

where zoho servers are located

Where Zoho Stores Our Data

When a company needs to make a decision on which SaaS/Cloud application to use for CRM, Document storage, Email service or any other business need, one of the important and critical questions is where your business data will be stored and how this data will